avoid buf_size == 0 checks in every decoder
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / h264.c
2005-01-23 Michael Niedermayeravoid buf_size == 0 checks in every decoder
2005-01-23 Michael Niedermayersimplify deblock
2005-01-23 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2005-01-19 Loic Le LoarerH.264 b ref pic list order and long term pictures patch...
2005-01-19 Michael Niedermayerdiv by zero aspect fix
2005-01-12 Michael Niedermayervarious security fixes and precautionary checks
2005-01-09 Gert Vervoort10l (obmc_scratchpad not always initialize)
2005-01-08 Loren Merritt10l: scratchpad could be allocated before its size...
2005-01-07 Loren MerrittH.264 weighted prediction.
2005-01-04 Loren Merrittreduce stutter if we learn too late that the stream...
2005-01-04 Loren MerrittSort B-frames into display order.
2004-12-31 Michael Niedermayer10l
2004-12-31 Loïc Le Loarer- correct several errors on the deblocking accross...
2004-12-30 Roberto TogniFix avc1 if there is nore than one nal per mov frame
2004-12-29 Loren Merrittimplement B_DIRECT and B_SKIP macroblock types.
2004-12-20 Loren Merrittvismv for h264 displayed incorrect motion vectors.
2004-12-18 Loic Le Loareradd multi slice support
2004-12-09 Michael Niedermayeruppercase codec_tag=AVC1 support
2004-12-09 Michael Niedermayerout of buffer access fix
2004-11-27 Burkhard PlaumMemory leak fix patch by (Burkhard Plaum <plaum >at...
2004-11-24 Loren MerrittFixed typo which caused incorrect motion prediction...
2004-10-31 Michael Niedermayersegfault fix
2004-10-24 Michael Niedermayeroptimzation
2004-10-24 Michael Niedermayeroptimization
2004-10-23 Michael Niedermayerfix CABAC+LOOP missmatch
2004-10-23 Michael Niedermayercbp_table cleanup
2004-10-23 Michael Niedermayercleanup of decode_cabac_residual()
2004-10-23 Michael Niedermayerdecode intra cabac mb_type cleanup
2004-10-22 Gildas Bazinsmall typo patch by (Gildas Bazin <gbazin at altern...
2004-10-22 Loren MerrittH.264 CABAC + B-frames patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-10-03 Loren Merritth.264 ref list reordering bugfix patch by (Loren Merrit...
2004-09-27 Michael Niedermayermove h264 idct to its own file and call via function...
2004-09-25 Michael Niedermayerassertion when playing AVC/H.264 streams fix by (Loren...
2004-09-25 Michael NiedermayerH.264 max reference pictures fix by (Loren Merritt...
2004-09-13 Roberto TogniAVC (H264 in mp4 files, fourcc avc1) support
2004-09-02 Loren Merritth264 deblocking crash patch by (Loren Merritt <lorenm...
2004-08-16 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2004-08-16 Måns RullgårdGet H.264 frame rate from SPS/VUI patch by (Måns Rullgå...
2004-08-03 Michael Niedermayersegfault fix
2004-07-08 Michael Niedermayeroverread fix
2004-06-30 Michael Niedermayer1000l
2004-06-26 Alex Beregszaszisome debug
2004-05-21 Michael Niedermayerdata_size = 0 cleanup
2004-04-29 Michael Niedermayerremove duplicated find_frame_end() code
2004-04-23 Michael Niedermayerh264 nal decoding fix by (Laurent Aimar <fenrir at...
2004-04-23 Laurent Aimarh264 hurry up fix and a tiny cabac clean patch by ...
2004-04-11 Laurent Aimarprogressive P frame CABAC support patch by (Laurent...
2004-03-26 Michael Niedermayerfix decoding of qp<6
2004-03-26 Laurent Aimarh264 - progressive I frame CABAC support patch by ...
2004-03-20 Michael Niedermayerdo loop filter immediatly after each macroblock is...
2004-03-20 Michael Niedermayerh264 loop filter optimizations
2004-03-19 Michael Niedermayerh264 loop filter for progressive I&P frames by (Laurent...
2004-03-16 Michael Niedermayerinit cleanup
2004-02-06 Alex Beregszasziget_bit_count -> put_bits_count
2004-01-22 Michael Niedermayerclosed gop support & flags2 as all bits in flags are...
2003-12-30 Wolfgang Hesselermotion vector vissualization improvements patch by...
2003-12-18 Michael Niedermayersvq3 fix
2003-11-29 Michael Niedermayerintra16x16 fix
2003-11-03 Michel Bardiauxav_log() patch by (Michel Bardiaux <mbardiaux at peakti...
2003-10-20 Michael NiedermayerAVRational
2003-10-13 Alex Beregszaszi10l
2003-10-12 Alex Beregszasziremoved the obsolete and unused parameters of init_put_bits
2003-09-09 Fabrice Bellardremoved warnings
2003-07-23 Michael Niedermayerbitstream changes to match JM7.2
2003-07-04 Alex Beregszasziunwanted second definition of CHECKED_ALLOCZ
2003-06-27 Mike Melanson- fix PLANE_PRED8x8 prediction (H/V are swapped, this...
2003-06-20 Alex Beregszaszisome warning fixes
2003-06-19 Mike Melansonadded support for B-frames and multiple slices
2003-06-18 Michael Niedermayermake ff_emulated_edge_mc() independant of MpegEncContext
2003-05-24 Falk HüffnerWarning and compatibility fixes.
2003-05-16 Michael Niedermayerbigendian fix
2003-05-15 Falk HüffnerWarning fixes.
2003-05-14 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2003-05-13 Michael Niedermayeroptimizations
2003-05-13 Michael Niedermayeroptimizations
2003-05-09 Michael Niedermayersvq3 decoder by anonymous
2003-04-27 Michael Niedermayertired
2003-04-25 Michael Niedermayerfixing mixed dr1 + internal buffers
2003-04-14 Michael Niedermayerminor cleanup / some warning fixes
2003-04-12 Michael Niedermayerfaster 8x8 & 16x16 plane prediction by skal (massimin...
2003-04-10 Michael Niedermayersimplified adressing of most mb based arrays (mb_x...
2003-04-07 Michael Niedermayersome checks to avoid segfault
2003-04-05 Michael Niedermayer#ifdef TRACE printf() -> tprintf()
2003-04-04 Michael Niedermayermultiple reference frames support
2003-04-04 Michael NiedermayerH264 decoder & demuxer