Rename --enable-swscaler --> enable-swscale to be consistent with the
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / flashsvenc.c
2007-05-17 Benjamin LarssonUse FFABS instead of abs.
2007-05-17 Benjamin LarssonRemove lots of unused commented code. (Cleanup)
2007-05-17 Benjamin LarssonChange default 1 pass blocksize to 64x64.
2007-05-12 Benjamin LarssonAdded support for instances where linesize[0] is negative.
2007-05-10 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant #inclusion of common.h, avcodec.h...
2007-04-08 Nicholas TungGet rid of unnecessary pointer casts.
2007-03-11 Benjamin LarssonRespect the gop size (-g) for marking I frames. Use...
2007-03-10 Benjamin LarssonSimplify, use avctx->frame_number.
2007-01-25 Benjamin LarssonDon't copy more then needed, bugfix by Gus Scheidt...
2007-01-21 Benjamin LarssonRemove debug line.
2007-01-21 Benjamin LarssonAdd flashsv encoder to changelog and fix the encoder...
2007-01-21 Benjamin LarssonFlash screen video encoder.