move call to init_get_bits inside conditional
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / flac.c
2008-05-02 Justin Rugglesmove call to init_get_bits inside conditional
2008-05-02 Justin Rugglesshare streaminfo parsing function
2008-05-02 Justin Rugglessplit out some decoder context params to a shared macro
2008-05-02 Justin Ruggleschange function parameters for dump_headers()
2008-05-02 Justin Ruggleschange function parameters for metadata_streaminfo()
2008-04-29 Justin Rugglesremove unused variable, min_framesize
2008-04-27 Stefano SabatiniAdd long names to many AVCodec declarations.
2008-03-21 Zuxy MengApply 'cold' attribute to init/uninit functions in...
2008-02-19 Michael NiedermayerFix ;;
2008-02-01 Michael Niedermayerconst
2008-01-04 Aurelien Jacobsimprove CRC API
2007-11-04 Josh CoalsonAdd decoding support for variable block size FLAC files...
2007-11-03 Josh CoalsonAdd support for FLAC's new RICE2 entropy coding method...
2007-09-30 Loren Merritt20% faster lpc, 6% overall flac decoding
2007-09-30 Loren Merrittreplace FIR with finite differences.
2007-09-25 Loren Merrittoptimize decode_subframe_lpc()
2007-08-09 Alex Beregszasziuse get_bits1(..) instead get_bits(.., 1)
2007-06-14 Benoit Fouetadd and remove some parentheses
2007-06-12 Michael Donaghyfix 8- and 24-bit FLAC decoding
2007-01-21 Reimar DöffingerFix crash when pred_order greater s->blocksize >> rice_...
2007-01-14 Michael Niedermayeravcodec_decode_audio2()
2006-11-23 Aurelien Jacobsflac: allow reading of full metadata headers from extradata
2006-10-07 Diego BiurrunChange license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of ...
2006-08-28 Aurelien Jacobsforce usage of ALT_BITSTREAM_READER where needed
2006-07-07 Michael Niedermayermoving utf8 reading function to libavutil
2006-07-07 Michael Niedermayerseems i forgot to commit this simplification ...
2006-06-21 Luca Barbatofix 24bit flac support, revised from Thibaut Mattern...
2006-03-06 Michael Niedermayerswitch flac to av_crc
2006-01-25 Diego Biurrunwarning fixes by Luca Abeni, lucabe72 ##@## email ...
2006-01-12 Diego BiurrunUpdate licensing information: The FSF changed postal...
2005-12-17 Diego BiurrunCOSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2005-09-05 Michael NiedermayerAV_LOG_DEBUG vs. AV_LOG_ERROR
2005-04-24 Mike MelansonMinistry of English Composition, reporting for duty...
2005-02-28 Loren Merritt10l (deallocated memory again)
2005-02-24 Måns Rullgårdkill warnings patch by (Måns Rullgård <mru inprovide...
2005-02-20 Loren MerrittFix a crash when multiple metadata packets are present.
2005-02-04 Michael Niedermayer10l (use of deallocated memory)
2004-12-29 Michael Niedermayercommon.c -> bitstream.c (and the single non bitstream...
2004-06-26 Alex Beregszasziskip_utf8, unused yet
2004-06-13 Mike Melansonwarning vigilance
2004-06-10 Mike Melansonattempt to create some separation in the FLAC system...
2004-05-21 Michael Niedermayerdata_size = 0 cleanup
2004-03-24 Falk Hüffnerwarning patrol
2004-03-05 Zdenek Kabelac* const warn elimintation
2004-02-18 Michael Niedermayerflac_flush()
2004-02-18 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2004-02-18 Michael Niedermayercrc8 checking, based upon a patch by (Miroslav Lichvar...
2004-02-18 Michael Niedermayerremove residual array, it isnt really needed
2004-02-18 Michael Niedermayerflac fixes:
2004-02-18 Michael Niedermayerflac decoder by (Alex Beregszaszi <alex at fsn dot...