avcodec/decode: Update decode_simple_internal() to get the side data correctly.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / ffv1.c
2016-08-07 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: add AV_PIX_FMT_GBRP16 support
2016-06-29 Clément BœschMerge commit '4f81f8dba735c212efae077c4fec8ad4fe53b352'
2016-06-21 Clément BœschMerge commit '0f40c9098498ad90dbbd2380eb4269015e84bde4'
2016-06-08 Diego BiurrunDrop unnecessary golomb.h #includes
2016-06-07 Diego BiurrunRemove unnecessary get_bits.h #includes
2016-05-03 Diego BiurrunDrop pointless assert.h #includes
2015-11-22 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '4bb1070c154e49d35805fbcdac9c9e92f702ef96'
2015-11-16 Vittorio Giovaraffv1: Explicitly name the coder type
2015-10-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: Initialize vlc_state on allocation
2015-09-24 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: seperate slice_count from max_slice_count
2015-08-22 Timothy Guffv1: Add missing ff_ prefixes
2015-04-20 Diego Biurrunffv1: Pass correct pointers to av_free()
2015-04-13 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: dont leave stale pointers in memory
2015-04-13 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: remove unneeded variable
2015-04-13 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: use av_freep()
2015-04-13 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '73dacabfc9b9ef1fd2c08105fdab6238ee29c2fc'
2015-04-13 Vittorio Giovaraffv1: Check memory allocations
2014-04-12 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/ffv1: use av_malloc_array()
2014-03-13 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'cd832f032f945a57a1f1dd385942c2fadc7ce4e5'
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunffv1: Drop bogus dependency on dsputil
2013-11-17 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2013-11-16 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '5b9c3b4505206143d85398c1410949319fa1180f'
2013-11-16 Anton Khirnovffv1: use the AVFrame API properly.
2013-09-17 Martin Storsjöffv1: Make sure at least one slice context is initialized
2013-08-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1: update years in header
2013-05-11 Michael Niedermayerffv1: check for malloc failure.
2013-05-11 Michael Niedermayerffv1: Switch to ThreadFrame
2013-05-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '6fee1b90ce3bf4fbdfde7016e0890057c9000487'
2013-05-04 Diego Biurrunavcodec: Add av_cold attributes to init functions missi...
2013-03-12 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '759001c534287a96dc96d1e274665feb7059145d'
2013-03-08 Anton Khirnovlavc decoders: work with refcounted frames.
2013-02-26 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'c242bbd8b6939507a1a6fb64101b0553d92d303f'
2013-02-25 Diego BiurrunRemove unnecessary dsputil.h #includes
2013-02-04 Michael Niedermayerffv1: check for malloc failure
2012-10-31 Paul B Maholffv1: assert that there is at least one slice
2012-10-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '2d09b36c0379fcda8f984bc8ad8816c8326fd7bd'
2012-10-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '71f7b22dba60524b2285643ae0b49d8f64977129'
2012-10-21 Michael Niedermayerffv1: split decoder and encoder
2012-10-21 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix gray
2012-10-20 Luca Barbatoffv1: update to ffv1 version 3
2012-10-20 Luca Barbatoffv1: split decoder and encoder
2012-10-17 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'a25d912dca9cd553440167e0476c47581359c0fc'
2012-10-17 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix packed rgb with 1.3
2012-10-16 Luca Barbatoffv1: K&R formatting cosmetics
2012-10-13 Michael Niedermayerffv1: make sure gob_count is not 0
2012-10-12 Michael Niedermayerffv1: avoid checking a double for equality
2012-10-12 Paul B Mahollavc: do not use av_pix_fmt_descriptors directly
2012-10-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '716d413c13981da15323c7a3821860536eefdbbb'
2012-10-08 Anton KhirnovReplace PIX_FMT_* -> AV_PIX_FMT_*, PixelFormat -> AVPix...
2012-10-08 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix array data types
2012-10-06 Michael Niedermayerffv1enc: fix assert in put_vlc_symbol() and update...
2012-10-06 Michael Niedermayerffv1: change w/h asserts to check as the condition...
2012-10-06 Michael Niedermayerffv1: remove commented asserts
2012-10-03 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: print bps for pict debug too
2012-10-01 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-10-01 Diego Biurrunavcodec: Convert some commented-out printf/av_log insta...
2012-10-01 Diego Biurrunavcodec: Drop silly and/or broken printf debug output
2012-09-29 Michael Niedermayerffv1enc: fix integer overflow with high resolutions...
2012-09-26 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: support decoding older 1.3 bitstream variant
2012-09-26 Michael Niedermayerffv1:update copyright year
2012-09-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: change bitstream end check to a exact check...
2012-09-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: inject sentinels for RC->VLC transitions begining...
2012-09-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1enc: fix RC slice sentinel
2012-09-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'e6153f173a49e5bfa70b0c04d2f82930533597b9'
2012-09-02 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix 2 uninitialized variable warnings
2012-08-23 Georg Lippitschffv1: more than 8 bit per RGB channel
2012-08-07 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '36ef5369ee9b336febc2c270f8718cec4476cb85'
2012-08-07 Anton KhirnovReplace all CODEC_ID_* with AV_CODEC_ID_*
2012-07-27 jamalffv1: Fix warnings about incompatible pointer type...
2012-07-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: fix error concealment for gop>1
2012-07-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: detect errors in bytestream end mismatches...
2012-07-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: set the first slices bytestream end correctly
2012-07-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: keep track of errors in slice headers for EC
2012-07-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: add simple error concealment in case of CRC...
2012-07-16 Michael Niedermayerffv1: keep last_frame (to be used for error concealment)
2012-07-13 Michael Niedermayerffv1enc: use default number of slices if unspecified
2012-07-13 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: print timestamp at which a CRC mismatch happened
2012-07-10 Carl Eugen HoyosSet default ffv1 coder to -1.
2012-07-10 Carl Eugen HoyosCosmetics: Return AVERROR_INVALIDDATA from ffv1 encoder...
2012-07-10 Carl Eugen HoyosCosmetics: Move ffv1 encoder initialisation code.
2012-06-12 Paul B Maholcosmetics: align more codecs declarations
2012-06-09 Paul B Maholffv1enc: add yuva422p to .pix_fmts
2012-06-03 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: print more information for -debug 1
2012-06-03 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix log level of FF_DEBUG_PICT_INFO
2012-06-02 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix integer overflow in quant table initialization
2012-06-02 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix crash caused by version becoming inconsistent
2012-05-30 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix reading global header with CRC
2012-05-23 Michael Niedermayerffv1: fix decoder state_transition table
2012-05-08 Carl Eugen HoyosSupport yuva422p in ffv1.
2012-05-05 Carl Eugen HoyosRemove unused variable from ffv1 decoder.
2012-04-30 Michael Niedermayerffv1: 10l add forgotten avclass
2012-04-30 Michael Niedermayerffv1: add slicecrc option
2012-04-26 Michael Niedermayerffv1: add examples of supported slices counts
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: remove clear_state(), it has become unused
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: move clear_state() to clear_slice_state() in...
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: indent
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: move init_slice_state() into the decoder threads.
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: Remove slice count field with 1.3 and just count...
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: store slice size with all slices in 1.3
2012-04-25 Michael Niedermayerffv1: add 1 status byte to slices in in case crcs are...