avcodec/pnm: Avoid structure pointer dereferences in inner loop in pnm_get()
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / dca_core.c
2017-10-09 foo86avcodec/dca_core: always limit frame size to data size
2017-07-21 James Almeravcodec/dca: remove GetBitContext usage from avpriv_dca...
2017-07-19 foo86avcodec/dca: avoid using bitstream reader in a non...
2017-07-19 foo86avcodec/dca_core: probe extension headers directly
2017-07-19 foo86avcodec/dca_core: switch to common frame header parsing...
2017-07-19 foo86avcodec/dca: move some enumeration typedefs into headers
2017-05-08 Daniil Cherednikavcodec/dcaenc: Initial implementation of ADPCM encodin...
2017-01-15 Daniil Cherednikdcaenc: Implementation of Huffman codes for DCA encoder
2016-05-20 foo86avcodec/dca: remove useless debug message
2016-05-03 foo86avcodec/dca: convert to AVCRC
2016-05-02 foo86avcodec/dca: fix sync word search error condition
2016-05-01 foo86avcodec/dca: move huffman data into separate object...
2016-03-06 foo86avcodec/dca: clear X96 channels if nothing was decoded
2016-02-02 Hendrik Leppkesdca: add emms_c after usage of AV_COPY128
2016-02-02 Hendrik Leppkesdca: add emms_c after AV_ZERO128 macros
2016-02-01 James Almeravcodec/dca_core: rename get_vlc function
2016-01-31 foo86avcodec/dca: add new decoder based on libdcadec