avcodec/decode: Update decode_simple_internal() to get the side data correctly.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / blockdsp.c
2017-03-21 Clément BœschMerge commit 'b2939a75270bc7e971462648168aa3a2a48c1c8c'
2016-09-29 Diego Biurrunblockdsp: Change type of array stride parameters to...
2016-09-22 Anton Khirnovblockdsp: drop the high_bit_depth parameter
2015-10-02 Christophe Gisquetblockdsp: remove high bitdepth parameter
2015-08-18 Ronald S. Bultjelavc: fix compilation with FF_API_XVMC.
2015-06-22 Shivraj Patilavcodec/mips: MSA (MIPS-SIMD-Arch) optimizations for...
2014-06-19 James Almeralpha/blockdsp: move clear_blocks out of dsputil
2014-06-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'e74433a8e6fc00c8dbde293c97a3e45384c2c1d9'
2014-06-18 Diego Biurrundsputil: Split clear_block*/fill_block* off into a...