per file doxy
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / ac3enc.c
2003-03-06 Michael Niedermayerper file doxy
2003-02-11 Zdenek Kabelac* UINTX -> uintx_t INTX -> intx_t
2003-02-10 Zdenek Kabelac* static,const,compiler warning cleanup
2003-01-19 Måns RullgårdC99 initializers and kill warnings patch by (mru at...
2002-12-09 Michael NiedermayerAVVideoFrame -> AVFrame
2002-10-28 Fabrice Bellardpreparing integration of new AC3 decoder
2002-05-25 Fabrice Bellardlicense/copyright change
2002-05-18 Fabrice Bellardremoved useless header includes - use av memory functions
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* encoding of AC3 with more than 2 channels
2002-02-12 Michael Niedermayeralternative bitstream writer (disabled by default,...
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardfixed symetric quantization (better quality!)
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardrenamed log2 to av_log2
2001-08-13 Fabrice Bellardwin32 fixes
2001-08-06 Fabrice Bellardtypes fix
2001-07-22 Fabrice BellardInitial revision