cuvid: Add hwaccels and decoders for remaining supported formats
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / aacdec_fixed.c
2016-03-13 Reimar DöffingerMove cbrt tables to separate cbrt_data(_fixed).c files.
2016-01-01 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '2c6811397bdf13d43ca206e48d6d6da9c2cd47c6'
2015-10-15 Derek Buitenhuisaac: Make codec init run under ff_thread_once
2015-08-22 Timothy Guaacdec_fixed: Make exp2tab static const
2015-07-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'def97856de6021965db86c25a732d78689bd6bb0'
2015-07-09 Jovan Zelinceviclibavcodec: Implementation of AAC_fixed_decoder (LC...
2015-07-09 Djordje Pesutlibavcodec: Implementation of AAC_fixed_decoder (LC...