avcodec/libvpxenc: fix setting amount of threads used for encoding
[ffmpeg.git] / fftools /
2018-05-09 Aman Guptaffprobe: fix SEGV when new streams are added
2018-05-02 Tobias Rappfftools/ffmpeg: properly initialize output stream field...
2018-04-30 James Almerfftools/ffmpeg: fix mixed code and declarations
2018-04-30 Marton BalintUse AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_ALPHA for detecting transparency...
2018-04-28 André Camargofftools/ffmpeg: change fps progress log message to...
2018-04-28 Mark Wachslerfftools/ffmpeg: Add system time and real time to benchm...
2018-04-25 Paul B Maholmake swresample optional for ffmpeg
2018-04-18 Matt Oliverffplay: Fix realloc_texture when input texture is NULL.
2018-04-17 Timo Teräsffprobe: report unavailable SAR correctly in stream...
2018-04-04 Timo Teräsffmpeg: allow setting attached_pic disposition
2018-04-03 wm4avutil/pixdesc: deprecate AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_PSEUDOPAL
2018-04-03 Tobias Rappfftools/cmdutils: add support for level flag in logleve...
2018-04-02 Josh de Kocklav*,tests: remove several register_all calls
2018-04-02 Jun Zhaocmdutils: fix new API break the "ffmpeg -muxers/demuxers"
2018-04-01 Jan Ekströmffmpeg: prevent premature EOF in sub2video with nullptr...
2018-03-31 Josh de Kockcmdutils: use new APIs
2018-03-30 Carl Eugen Hoyosfftools/ffmpeg: Remove an unused variable.
2018-03-28 Marton Balintffmpeg: do not finish output streams manually on eof...
2018-03-28 Marton Balintffmpeg: fallback to codecpar parameters on input filter eof
2018-03-24 James Almerffmpeg: pass reference counted packet on codec copy...
2018-03-24 James Almerffmpeg: remove dead call to av_parser_change()
2018-03-22 James Almercmdutils: print supported codecs in show_help_bsf()
2018-03-20 Gyan Doshiffmpeg.c - drain all decoded frames during stream_loop...
2018-03-17 James Almercmdutils: remove a superfluous line break
2018-03-16 Jun Zhaoffmpeg: support dump bit stream filter options.
2018-03-12 Marton Balintffprobe: fix infinite loop in subtitle decoding
2018-03-05 Tobias Rappfftools/ffmpeg: update print_report to use AVBPrint API
2018-03-05 Tobias Rappfftools/ffmpeg: fix progress log message in case pts...
2018-02-27 Tobias Rappfftools/ffmpeg: replace call to av_strerror with av_err2str
2018-02-24 Tomas HärdinDon't complain about codec2's 700 bit/s modes in ffmpeg.c
2018-02-24 Jun Zhaoffmpeg_opt: fix max_error_rate help info display issue.
2018-02-23 Aman Guptaavformat/mpegts: set AV_DISPOSITION_DEPENDENT for mix_t...
2018-02-08 James AlmerRevert "cmdutils: make use of new iteration APIs"
2018-02-06 Josh de Kocklavc/bsf: make BSF iteration the same as other iterators
2018-02-06 Josh de Kockcmdutils: make use of new iteration APIs
2018-02-02 James Almerffprobe: remove usage of deprecation warning removal...
2018-02-02 Zhong Liffprobe: Initialize coded_width/height
2018-01-28 Marton Balintfftools, tools, examples: migrate to AVFormatContext...
2018-01-25 Mark Thompsonffmpeg: Ignore SIGPIPE
2018-01-07 Carl Eugen Hoyosfftools/ffmpeg_opt: Remove a write-only variable.
2018-01-06 Rostislav PehlivanovRemove the ffserver program
2018-01-04 James Almerffmpeg: use thread wrappers for the thread message...
2017-12-26 wm4ffplay: drop lock manager use
2017-11-28 Carl Eugen Hoyosffmpeg_opt: Constify hwaccel pointer.
2017-11-28 Pan Bianffmpeg: Check read_ffserver_streams() return value
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonffmpeg: Use codec hardware config to configure hwaccels
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu,lavfi,ffmpeg: Remove experimental OpenCL API
2017-11-21 Jun Zhaoffmpeg: add return value check to supress the build...
2017-11-20 pkvietffmpeg: add ui64 type to SpecifierOpt
2017-11-19 Vitaly _Vi Shukelaffmpeg: Allow "-to" on input files in addition to "-t"
2017-11-19 DHEffmpeg_filter: use nb_threads=1 on unused filtergraph
2017-11-15 James Almerffplay: remove usage of AVCodecContext accessors
2017-11-15 James Almerffprobe: remove usage of AVCodecContext accessors
2017-11-15 James Almerffmpeg: remove usage of AVCodecContext accessors
2017-11-11 Timo Rothenpielerffmpeg: use explicitly requested hwaccel only
2017-11-10 James AlmerMerge commit 'a58873b11198d04670b7f98f5a8a749d742db7c5'
2017-11-10 Anton Khirnovh264dec: add a NVDEC hwaccel
2017-11-05 Marton Balintffplay: use SDL2 audio API
2017-11-05 Peter Großeffmpeg.c: fix code style in seek_to_start
2017-11-05 Peter Großeffmpeg.c: fix calculation of input file duration in...
2017-11-04 Marton Balintffplay: only use hardware accelerated SDL texture formats
2017-11-04 Marton Balintffplay: create the window and the renderer before start...
2017-11-01 James AlmerMerge commit '908f737d6c2900b5d34319ca6ea1d1cb71221463'
2017-11-01 Mark Thompsonffmpeg: Fix flush packet stream copy input timestamp...
2017-10-31 James AlmerMerge commit '91622f6446b463abe6507ad2cd5d1fbf7e49c424'
2017-10-31 James AlmerMerge commit '4d56f7ab8f627aa140c1ede1bb61305f01cefcdd'
2017-10-30 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: Fix stored encoder metadata with -bitexact
2017-10-29 James Almerffmpeg: remove usage of deprecated getter functions
2017-10-29 James Almerffprobe: remove usage of deprecated getter functions
2017-10-29 James Almeravformat: remove use of deprecated AVFMT_FLAG_KEEP_SIDE...
2017-10-26 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf: Remove AVFMT_RAWPICTURE.
2017-10-24 Michael Niedermayerffserver: Fix off by 1 error in path
2017-10-23 James AlmerMerge commit 'b3739599bda740ac12d3dde31a331b744df99123'
2017-10-23 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: add -bitexact flag to simplify enabling bitexac...
2017-10-23 Clément Bœschlavc: drop VDA
2017-10-21 James Almerffserver: remove usage of deprecated rc_eq option
2017-10-18 Marton Balintffmpeg: always init output stream before reaping filters
2017-10-16 Jun Zhaoffmpeg: remove hwaccel_lax_profile_check option
2017-10-11 Sasi Inguvaffmpeg.c: Fallback to duration_dts, when duration_pts...
2017-10-08 Marton Balintffmpeg: always use single threaded decoding for attache...
2017-10-03 James Almerbuild: fix compilation of tools with OpenCL enabled
2017-10-01 James AlmerMerge commit 'c95169f0ec68bdeeabc5fde8aa4076f406242524'