lavf/isom: Support EVRC in pvAuthor files.
[ffmpeg.git] / doc /
2016-12-10 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: Add max_pixels options
2016-12-10 Michael Niedermayeravutil: Add av_image_check_size2()
2016-12-08 Lou Logandoc/muxers: remove "-strict experimental" from tee...
2016-12-08 Michael Niedermayeravformat: Add max_streams option
2016-12-07 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Add spherical packet side data API
2016-12-07 Vittorio Giovaralavu: Add AVSphericalMapping type and frame side data
2016-12-05 Michael NiedermayerAvoid using the term "file" and prefer "url" in some...
2016-12-01 Paul B Maholavfilter: add premultiply filter
2016-12-01 Александр Слободенюкdoc/examples/transcode_aac: fix a typo
2016-11-28 Vittorio Giovaravf_colorspace: Forbid odd dimensions
2016-11-26 Steven Liuavformat/flvenc: fix ticket 5976 and use old commit
2016-11-23 Moritz Barsnicklavfi/pan: allow negative gain parameters also for...
2016-11-23 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_zscale: add support for some recent new...
2016-11-23 Sam Hocevardoc/examples/muxing: Fix av_frame_make_writable usage
2016-11-22 Steven Liuavformat/flvenc: add no_metadata to flvflags
2016-11-19 James Almeravformat/utils: add av_stream_add_side_data()
2016-11-17 Moritz Barsnickdoc/bsfs: various improvements
2016-11-16 kieranjoldoc/filters: adds recently added -vf colorspace options
2016-11-14 Martin Vignalidoc/filters: add metadata information for blackframe
2016-11-14 James Almerdoc/codecs.texi: add new and missing color related...
2016-11-14 Simon Thelendoc/ffmpeg: add documentation for the disposition option
2016-11-13 Hendrik Leppkesdoc/libav-merge: add skipped fixup commits to the list...
2016-11-13 Anton Khirnovhwcontext_vaapi: add a quirk for the missing MemoryType...
2016-11-13 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Add driver quirks to the hwdevice
2016-11-13 Hendrik Leppkesdoc: update merge status for recent additions and skipp...
2016-11-13 Vlad Tarcaavformat: Add Pro-MPEG CoP #3-R2 FEC protocol
2016-11-11 Marton Balintlavfi/loudnorm: add an internal libebur128 library
2016-11-10 Lou Logandoc/encoders: sort list into alphabetical order
2016-11-10 Tom Butterworthdoc/encoders: add documentation for the Hap encoder
2016-11-10 Steven Liuavformat/flvenc: add add_keyframe_index option
2016-11-09 Luca Barbatopixfmt: Add GRAY12
2016-11-06 DeHackEdffmpeg: parameters for filter thread counts
2016-11-06 Derek Buitenhuisdoc/libx26[45]: Add documentation for forced-idr
2016-11-04 Thomas Garnierdoc/examples: add fuzz target for individual ffmpeg...
2016-11-04 Muhammad Faizavfilter/af_firequalizer: add fft2 option
2016-11-02 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mpegtsenc: Add option to mark stream begin...
2016-11-01 Michael NiedermayerRevert "img2 encoder: allow %t in filename, based on...
2016-11-01 rogerdpackimg2 encoder: use more descriptive vsync names
2016-11-01 rogerdpackimg2 encoder: allow %t in filename, based on patch...
2016-10-29 Andreas Cadhalpundoc: fix spelling errors
2016-10-29 Muhammad Faizavfilter/avf_showcqt: add bar_t option
2016-10-26 Michael Niedermayerdoc/APIchanges: add 3.2 Cut marker
2016-10-26 Michael Niedermayerdoc/patchwork: Document the patchwork states
2016-10-26 Michael Niedermayerdoc/APIchanges: Fill in some missing things
2016-10-24 Rodger Combslavf: add AV_DISPOSITION_TIMED_THUMBNAILS
2016-10-24 Rodger Combslavf/mux: add avformat_init_output
2016-10-24 Rodger Combsffprobe: report field order for video streams
2016-10-23 Andreas Cadhalpunfaq: use relative links to own documentation
2016-10-22 Michael Niedermayeravutil/avassert: Add av_assertX_fpu()
2016-10-21 Andreas Cadhalpundoc: fix spelling errors
2016-10-21 Marton Balintlavd/decklink_dec: add option to disable drawing bars...
2016-10-20 Muhammad Faizavfilter/showcqt: add cscheme option
2016-10-19 Muhammad Faizavfilter/firequalizer: add cubic_interpolate function...
2016-10-18 Muhammad Faizavfilter/firequalizer: add dumpfile and dumpscale option
2016-10-18 Michael Niedermayerdoc/examples/demuxing_decoding: Drop AVFrame->pts use
2016-10-17 Muhammad Faizavfilter/showcqt: add font option
2016-10-17 Carl Eugen Hoyosdoc: Update x264 option a53cc, forgotten in 93e04102.
2016-10-16 Muhammad Faizavfilter/firequalizer: add scale option
2016-10-15 Muhammad Faizdoc/filters: document tukey window on firequalizer
2016-10-15 Muhammad Faizavfilter/showcqt: add csp option
2016-10-13 Marton Balintlavfi/sidedata: add filter for manipulating frame side...
2016-10-13 Stefano Sabatinidoc/demuxers: restore alphabetical order
2016-10-11 Michael Niedermayerdoc/developer: Mention mime type and patchwork in ...
2016-10-11 Moritz Barsnickdoc: fix various typos and grammar errors
2016-10-08 Michael Niedermayerdoc/examples/http_multiclient: Fix "doc/examples/http_m...
2016-10-08 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '398f015f077c6a2406deffd9e37ff34b9c7bb3bc'
2016-10-07 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '32c8359093d1ff4f45ed19518b449b3ac3769d27'
2016-10-05 Josh de Kockdoc/developer: remove duplicate policies and fix error
2016-10-04 Josh de Kockdoc/developer: add sections for policies
2016-10-04 Josh de Kockdoc/developer: reword some of the policies
2016-10-02 Josh de Kockdoc/t2h: use container
2016-10-01 Josh de Kocklavc: remove libfaac wrapper
2016-10-01 Marton Balintlavfi/metadata: allow deleting all metadata
2016-10-01 Hendrik Leppkesdoc/libav-merge: add a note for the skipped QSV functio...
2016-10-01 Clément Bœschdoc/libav-merge: complete TODO section
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschdoc/examples: build http_multiclient example
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschdoc/examples/gitignore: add forgotten qsvdec entry
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschbuild: remove references to inexistant avcodec example
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschdoc/examples/http_multiclient: fix mixed declarations...
2016-09-30 Clément Bœschdoc/examples/http_multiclient: fix compilation
2016-09-28 Steven Liudoc/muxers: fix hlsenc options examples error
2016-09-28 James Almerdoc/codecs.texi: fix and expand color related options
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit '59e7361cc791e5103be1712dc59a2055f118d0da'
2016-09-28 James AlmerMerge commit 'e85f6f7f8d037c0af0f294000718d9ba22753baa'
2016-09-27 Mulvyadoc/filters: blend terminates on longest input
2016-09-27 James Almeravformat: add av_stream_get_codec_timebase()
2016-09-27 Michael Niedermayerswr: Update version & APIChanges for swr_build_matrix()
2016-09-27 Carl Eugen Hoyosdoc: Mention -dn in the "Stream selection" paragraph.
2016-09-26 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/movenc: Allow to disable writing the timecode...
2016-09-25 Clément Bœschdoc/libav-merge: change gmane link to a one
2016-09-25 Clément Bœschdoc: move out merge script to tools
2016-09-25 Clément Bœschdoc: remove codecpar mention in libav-merge.txt
2016-09-24 Clément Bœschlavfi: add nlmeans filter
2016-09-23 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec: add new AVOID_PROBING capability
2016-09-19 Moritz Barsnickdoc/encoders: minor aac encoder formatting improvements
2016-09-18 James Almerdoc/general.texi: mention MLP/TrueHD encoding support
2016-09-17 Paul B Maholdoc/filters: add two lut2 examples
2016-09-17 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_unsharp: limit matrix size in either direct...
2016-09-17 Steven Liulavf/http: deprecate user-agent option
2016-09-17 Steven Liudoc/muxers: add flv muxer document into doc/muxers