avcodec/mpeg4videodec: Clear partitioned frame in decode_studio_vop_header()
[ffmpeg.git] / configure
2018-11-02 Philip Langdaleavfilter/vf_yadif_cuda: CUDA accelerated yadif deinterlacer
2018-11-02 James Almeravformat/ivfenc: use the av1_metadata bsf to insert...
2018-10-25 James Almerconfigure: add missing optional SDL2 dependency to...
2018-10-03 James Almeravcodec: add an AV1 parser
2018-09-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add AV1 metadata bitstream filter
2018-09-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for AV1
2018-09-25 Paul B Maholavfilter: add audio denoising (afftdn) filter
2018-09-23 Marton Balintavdevice/decklink: add support for selecting devices...
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode_mjpeg: Use CBS to store parameters and...
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonlavc/cbs: Add JPEG support
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonconfigure: Use pkgconfig for VAAPI
2018-09-15 James Almeravcodec: add missing mpegvideo dependencies to SpeedHQ...
2018-09-15 James Almerconfigure: add missing avcodec dependency to avfilter...
2018-09-13 Paul B Maholconfigure: bm3d filter depends on dct in avcodec
2018-09-11 hwrenlavc, doc, configure: add libxavs2 video encoder wrapper
2018-09-10 Roman Arzumanyanavfilter: add nvidia NPP based transpose filter
2018-09-09 Devin Heitmuelleravdevice/decklink: Add support for EIA-708 output over SDI
2018-09-08 Paul B Maholavcodec: add RemotelyAnywhere Screen Capture decoder
2018-09-02 James AlmerMerge commit '39f3b6f3fc2b46b405b680cce3599f1b370e342d'
2018-09-02 James AlmerMerge commit '5691c746cf62e69806aae1baf0a6e8252d519444'
2018-09-02 James AlmerMerge commit '5cb62f9d952e24fff62737a57e89cf43d9c2333a'
2018-09-02 James AlmerMerge commit '25c2a27c9ec0150210d75ee5ac8ed1bfa14c1a56'
2018-09-02 James AlmerMerge commit '23be4eebf8aaa7519b12b2a49e5c5c6c4d076e6a'
2018-09-01 Marton Balintavformat/libsrt: add pkt_size parameter to libsrt
2018-08-30 Avi Halachmi (:avih)configure: <fflib>_deps: validate, reduce sensitivity
2018-08-27 Shiyou Yinconfigure: [loongson] revert no-expensive-optimizations
2018-08-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add WinCAM Motion Video decoder
2018-08-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add MatchWare Screen Capture Codec
2018-08-27 Avi Halachmi (:avih)configure: speed up check_deps()
2018-08-27 Avi Halachmi (:avih)configure: speed up print_enabled_components()
2018-08-27 Avi Halachmi (:avih)configure: speed up flatten_extralibs_wrapper()
2018-08-23 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: do not add fsanitize cflags with ossfuzz...
2018-08-17 James AlmerRevert "avcodec/libaomdec: auto insert dump_extra bitst...
2018-08-12 Danil Iashchenkolavfi: add erosion_opencl, dilation_opencl filters
2018-08-10 Kyle Swansonlavfi/vf_libvmaf: update to use libvmaf v1.3.9
2018-08-02 James Almeravcodec/libaomdec: auto insert dump_extra bitstream...
2018-07-30 James Almerconfigure: add missing aandcttables dependency to asv1...
2018-07-30 James Almerconfigure: add missing aandcttables dependency to mpegv...
2018-07-27 hwrenlavc, doc, configure: add avs2 video decoder wrapper
2018-07-25 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: Force pie for Android.
2018-07-21 James Almeravcodec/parser: move parsers list and related API to...
2018-07-20 James Almeravcodec/libaomenc: export Sequence Header and Metadata...
2018-07-15 Stephen SeoAdd lensfun filter
2018-07-05 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: toolchain-tsan does not need -fPIE.
2018-07-03 Rostislav Pehlivanovlavc: implement an ATRAC9 decoder
2018-07-03 James Almerconfigure: add missing swscale to avfilter when sr...
2018-07-02 Danil Iashchenkolavfi: add sobel, prewitt, roberts filters
2018-07-02 Sergey LavrushkinAdds ESPCN super resolution filter merged with SRCNN...
2018-06-28 Jun Zhaoconfigure: fix check for opencl_vaapi_intel_media.
2018-06-25 James Almerconfigure: bump minimum required version of libaom
2018-06-21 Ruiling Songlavfi: add opencl tonemap filter
2018-06-20 Danil Iashchenkolavfi: Add boxblur_opencl filter
2018-06-15 Timo Rothenpielerconfigure: simplify ffnvcodec version logic
2018-06-13 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: The eac3_core bitstream filter needs the...
2018-06-07 Jun Zhaoconfigure: fix check for opencl
2018-06-06 John Coxconfigure: fix arm inline asm checks
2018-06-05 Sergey LavrushkinAdds TensorFlow backend for dnn inference module.
2018-05-27 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: Omit fsanitize flags if they are already...
2018-05-27 Reino Wijnsmaconfigure: fix check for mbedtls
2018-05-21 Thomas Volkertlibavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS
2018-05-18 Rostislav Pehlivanovconfigure: error out on unsupported MSVC versions
2018-05-14 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: Mention the dash demuxer in the libxml2...
2018-05-14 Reino Wijnsmaconfigure: add pkg-config check for libmysofa
2018-05-13 Niklas Haasconfigure: fix configure check for lilv-0
2018-05-10 Paul B Maholavfilter: add fftdnoiz filter
2018-05-09 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: add CUstream in cuda hwctx
2018-05-08 Hendrik Leppkeslavfi/vf_srcnn: use avio_check instead of access
2018-05-06 James Almerconfigure: fix and simplify xlib check
2018-05-06 James Almerconfigure: add missing dependencies to vf_srcnn
2018-05-06 Jan Ekströmconfigure: add pkg-config check for zlib
2018-05-04 wm4avformat: add vapoursynth wrapper
2018-05-02 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add VP9 metadata bitstream filter
2018-05-02 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for VP9
2018-04-29 James Almerconfigure: add missing pthreads dependency to v4l2_m2m
2018-04-25 Paul B Maholmake swresample optional for ffmpeg
2018-04-23 Rostislav PehlivanovRevert "libavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS"
2018-04-23 Thomas Volkertlibavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS
2018-04-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Move add_fooflags() helper functions into...
2018-04-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Group toolchain parameter mangling functions...
2018-04-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Rename check_header() --> check_headers()
2018-04-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Make require_cc() and require_cpp_condition...
2018-04-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: Group external library protocols separately
2018-04-19 Hendrik Leppkesconfigure: fix clang-cl check in the MSVC section
2018-04-19 Steve Lhommerandom_seed: use bcrypt instead of the old wincrypt API
2018-04-16 Timo Rothenpielerconfigure: add nvcc to CMDLINE_SET
2018-04-16 James Almerconfigure: extend the check for bcrypt
2018-04-15 Alexander Bilyakconfigure: fix clang-cl detection
2018-04-14 Steve Lhommeavutil/random_seed: use bcrypt instead of the old wincr...
2018-04-13 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: make the C11 atomics check more robust
2018-04-13 James Almerconfigure: disable direct stripping in OpenBSD
2018-04-12 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: Disable direct stripping for AIX.
2018-04-10 James Almerconfigure: check for INIT_ONCE before enabling w32threads
2018-04-10 James Almerconfigure: check that the required header for Linux...
2018-04-09 wm4w32pthreads: always use Vista+ API, drop XP support
2018-04-01 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: fix build
2018-03-31 Josh de Kocklavd: remove linked lists
2018-03-31 Josh de KockRevert "lavd: add new API for iterating input and outpu...
2018-03-31 Josh de Kocklavfi: add new iteration API
2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöarm: swscale: Only compile the rgb2yuv asm if .dn alias...
2018-03-30 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Revert some incorrect uses of check_cc()