lavf/Makefile: Fix standalone compilation of the matroska and webm muxers.
[ffmpeg.git] / configure
2018-08-23 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: do not add fsanitize cflags with ossfuzz...
2018-08-17 James AlmerRevert "avcodec/libaomdec: auto insert dump_extra bitst...
2018-08-12 Danil Iashchenkolavfi: add erosion_opencl, dilation_opencl filters
2018-08-10 Kyle Swansonlavfi/vf_libvmaf: update to use libvmaf v1.3.9
2018-08-02 James Almeravcodec/libaomdec: auto insert dump_extra bitstream...
2018-07-30 James Almerconfigure: add missing aandcttables dependency to asv1...
2018-07-30 James Almerconfigure: add missing aandcttables dependency to mpegv...
2018-07-27 hwrenlavc, doc, configure: add avs2 video decoder wrapper
2018-07-25 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: Force pie for Android.
2018-07-21 James Almeravcodec/parser: move parsers list and related API to...
2018-07-20 James Almeravcodec/libaomenc: export Sequence Header and Metadata...
2018-07-15 Stephen SeoAdd lensfun filter
2018-07-05 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: toolchain-tsan does not need -fPIE.
2018-07-03 Rostislav Pehlivanovlavc: implement an ATRAC9 decoder
2018-07-03 James Almerconfigure: add missing swscale to avfilter when sr...
2018-07-02 Danil Iashchenkolavfi: add sobel, prewitt, roberts filters
2018-07-02 Sergey LavrushkinAdds ESPCN super resolution filter merged with SRCNN...
2018-06-28 Jun Zhaoconfigure: fix check for opencl_vaapi_intel_media.
2018-06-25 James Almerconfigure: bump minimum required version of libaom
2018-06-21 Ruiling Songlavfi: add opencl tonemap filter
2018-06-20 Danil Iashchenkolavfi: Add boxblur_opencl filter
2018-06-15 Timo Rothenpielerconfigure: simplify ffnvcodec version logic
2018-06-13 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: The eac3_core bitstream filter needs the...
2018-06-07 Jun Zhaoconfigure: fix check for opencl
2018-06-06 John Coxconfigure: fix arm inline asm checks
2018-06-05 Sergey LavrushkinAdds TensorFlow backend for dnn inference module.
2018-05-27 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: Omit fsanitize flags if they are already...
2018-05-27 Reino Wijnsmaconfigure: fix check for mbedtls
2018-05-21 Thomas Volkertlibavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS
2018-05-18 Rostislav Pehlivanovconfigure: error out on unsupported MSVC versions
2018-05-14 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: Mention the dash demuxer in the libxml2...
2018-05-14 Reino Wijnsmaconfigure: add pkg-config check for libmysofa
2018-05-13 Niklas Haasconfigure: fix configure check for lilv-0
2018-05-10 Paul B Maholavfilter: add fftdnoiz filter
2018-05-09 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: add CUstream in cuda hwctx
2018-05-08 Hendrik Leppkeslavfi/vf_srcnn: use avio_check instead of access
2018-05-06 James Almerconfigure: fix and simplify xlib check
2018-05-06 James Almerconfigure: add missing dependencies to vf_srcnn
2018-05-06 Jan Ekströmconfigure: add pkg-config check for zlib
2018-05-04 wm4avformat: add vapoursynth wrapper
2018-05-02 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add VP9 metadata bitstream filter
2018-05-02 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for VP9
2018-04-29 James Almerconfigure: add missing pthreads dependency to v4l2_m2m
2018-04-25 Paul B Maholmake swresample optional for ffmpeg
2018-04-23 Rostislav PehlivanovRevert "libavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS"
2018-04-23 Thomas Volkertlibavformat: add mbedTLS based TLS
2018-04-19 Hendrik Leppkesconfigure: fix clang-cl check in the MSVC section
2018-04-16 Timo Rothenpielerconfigure: add nvcc to CMDLINE_SET
2018-04-16 James Almerconfigure: extend the check for bcrypt
2018-04-15 Alexander Bilyakconfigure: fix clang-cl detection
2018-04-14 Steve Lhommeavutil/random_seed: use bcrypt instead of the old wincr...
2018-04-13 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: make the C11 atomics check more robust
2018-04-13 James Almerconfigure: disable direct stripping in OpenBSD
2018-04-12 Carl Eugen Hoyosconfigure: Disable direct stripping for AIX.
2018-04-10 James Almerconfigure: check for INIT_ONCE before enabling w32threads
2018-04-10 James Almerconfigure: check that the required header for Linux...
2018-04-01 Michael Niedermayerconfigure: fix build
2018-03-31 Josh de Kocklavd: remove linked lists
2018-03-31 Josh de KockRevert "lavd: add new API for iterating input and outpu...
2018-03-31 Josh de Kocklavfi: add new iteration API
2018-03-31 Martin Storsjöarm: swscale: Only compile the rgb2yuv asm if .dn alias...
2018-03-30 James AlmerMerge commit 'a2fc8dbae85339d1b418d296f2982b6c04c53c57'
2018-03-30 James AlmerMerge commit '434b44cd6fb4bb9a2bf2bb29ef55ce1a315314b8'
2018-03-30 James AlmerMerge commit '8c7554e6a9b126bd6ee5bf80dae9e11e056db2f1'
2018-03-30 James AlmerMerge commit '17ee5b0c13bc17465b71bc9ca1cde9f0eed8b3ff'
2018-03-30 James AlmerMerge commit 'b9ea301e02472d0982b0fa0f80294bd95885bde8'
2018-03-30 James AlmerMerge commit '5292e97c42b05db7ad4e51c1ea756b12fdf721ff'
2018-03-29 James AlmerMerge commit 'ea2f72a2c14c67a3b35dac6426d1e3c0fae33fd5'
2018-03-29 James AlmerMerge commit '847190ebd99ffd57dc89bd568a33bf2d5c424129'
2018-03-29 James AlmerMerge commit '43778a501f1bfbceeddc8eaeea2ea2b3506beeda'
2018-03-28 James AlmerMerge commit 'c438899a706422b8362a13714580e988be4d638b'
2018-03-28 James AlmerMerge commit 'dd7e63af93b2430b5d42b87a966160c66736342c'
2018-03-28 James AlmerMerge commit '31a53ab34e22fe1eec902f79ec1f19ab828a7a0c'
2018-03-28 James AlmerMerge commit '18dc1ff0fb4572b1d50a44905aa1e76bc3bbb0ad'
2018-03-28 James AlmerMerge commit '9c37d765ef28b027414f86b0088b0c282a3c46d8'
2018-03-28 Sven DuekingAdd Haivision SRT protocol
2018-03-27 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Drop unused helper function test_cflags_cpp()
2018-03-26 Danil Iashchenkolibavfilter: Add OpenCL convolution filter
2018-03-26 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Simplify vararg check
2018-03-26 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add check_x86asm() helper function to simpli...
2018-03-26 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Use indirection for the -o assembler flag...
2018-03-26 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Use a more sensible suffix for x86 assembly...
2018-03-26 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Document available options for the --toolcha...
2018-03-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: Add support for mapping DRM objects...
2018-03-22 drfer3lavfi: Add OpenCL avgblur filter
2018-03-18 James Almerconfigure: add const_nan dependency to h264_metadata_bsf
2018-03-18 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add filter_units bitstream filter
2018-03-18 Mark Thompsoncbs: Add a table of all supported codec IDs
2018-03-17 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Don't assume a 16 byte aligned stack on...
2018-03-17 James Almerconfigure: revert changes to the schannel check
2018-03-17 James AlmerMerge commit '83fef16b6a8dbbcbd80d159ba3ebe818dbbb2776'
2018-03-17 James AlmerMerge commit 'a5e011c8dcbf6968cc60f883d33382ba46147e90'
2018-03-15 James Almerconfigure: add missing adts_header to aac_fixed decoder
2018-03-15 James AlmerMerge commit '49804dc2baec009577e6b4ee827ae562188fbc2f'
2018-03-15 James AlmerMerge commit '8c893aa3cd5f2d73896c72af330dcbfe299fbc5a'
2018-03-13 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Don't assume an aligned stack on clang on...
2018-03-12 Luca BarbatoSupport AV1 encoding using libaom
2018-03-12 Luca BarbatoAdd AV1 video decoding support through libaom
2018-03-08 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Restore original endianness test
2018-03-07 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add check_as() helper function to simplify...